Our Company

101 Cento Uno (CU) is a refreshing new brand in hair care and our name reflects just how cool it really is! That’s because the number 101 designates the cool, platinum blonde tint on the hair color chart. If you have cool blonde hair, we hope to CU (see you! ;) give 101 Cento Uno a try!

101 Cento Uno was founded in order to develop a line of hair care products which solve precisely this problem of unwanted yellow tones while simultaneously protecting the platinum ones.

All of our products are formulated at the cosmetics company located in the mountains of Liguria, Italy – not too far from Genoa. This beauty supply powerhouse is part of a third-generation family enterprise with a history of exceptional recipes for hair care products.


Our Products

101 Cento Uno Platinum Blonde Shampoo and 101 Cento Uno Platinum Blonde Masque are on a mission: to make sure your cool blonde and platinum tones always look like you are fresh from the salon. Both products were developed for the home care of your chemically-lightened hair. They do wonders bringing forward any cool hues in natural blonde and gray hair as well.


Our Story

Cento Uno was established in 2020 by a stylist with over eighteen years of experience in the profession and her own network of salons. She opened her first salon – in Europe in 2014 with the sole objective of specializing in blonde hair coloring treatments. For more than six years, over 10,000 beautiful blondes have been created in her salons. What’s more – they have all been taught how to take care of their silvery treasures at home with specialized products and expert techniques.

Cento Uno recognizes what’s most important in both the hair coloring treatment and maintenance of cool blonde shades: the absence of any yellow, brassy tones. All blondes rightly fear and - at some point – suffer from brassiness in their hair color. This can happen as a result of a variety of factors from poor quality hair dyes to water constitution to heat styling.